I Just Started A Blog.

I just started a blog. At 11:07 PM. On a Monday night. With very little forethought. No forethought, really.

I am thankful for good friends who are one letter away from being my Myers-Briggs twin, who also are up “late”, who encourage me to be brave and know

phonemuch more about technology than I.  (Singing “You Make Me Brave” to you in my head) You know who you are, babe.

I am writing this because I want something on my blog. Like, now. I am hasty. I am impatient and I am working on that. Obviously, I’m making lots of progress.

Good word, man.



So here goes nothing. My name is now a .com. That’s bizarre.

Blog post numero uno in the books.

Crap. What do you do at the end of a blog post? Do you sign your name? Do you come up with some catchy phrase that leads your reader to laugh, cry, cringe or otherwise? Frick frack patty-whack, I have no idea. I guess I will end this how I end most of my real life conversations: with a smile on my face and…

See ya, dude.


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